Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly News

Well, first off, I want to let everybody know that I have a new blog!!!!
(yes, another one, thank you very much.)
So. Yeah. It's called "Under Inspection" and it's a YA book review blog!!!! :) Here's the we address: ( and I will have the link posted in my blogs list soon!! Hope you visit! :)
So, in other news, I need your help, bloggers out there. Vote, then tell your friends. Have your friends tell your friends. Tell the WORLD!!
You see the poll over here, off to the side?
<------ (over here!)
Well, I need help deciding which novel idea is the one I should pursue now. I have a few here, along with another poll about topic ideas
(right there ----->)
over there, and I would seriously appreciate it if you all voted. It would really help me decide what I should write about next. Thank you!
Moving on... I'm a published author!! Okay, so I have been for a while now, but I'm just getting around to posting about it. (he, he...) I'm sure some of you have heard of teen ink (Kirthi... :) and I have articles posted on their website!! Actually, I have... um... I think 12... but maybe more. I kinda went crazy when I joined and went on a creative writing spree. But I do have a few favorites, so here are the links to those:
so, there are a lot of articles on there, but if you value my sanity, please only read these 5:
-Single Tear, free verse
-Echoes, free verse
My Sunrise, free verse
-Guiding, Realistic Fiction
-and I was Looking, Realistic Fiction (posting on this blog!)
Legally, I can't prohibit you from viewing the others (I wish...) but if you do, pretend you never did. I don't like those, and they were much more crude and adolescent then some of my more advanced work. So don't think to harshly of me.
Oh, and also, The whole point of teen ink is to have other teens read your work, and that means that for the past few months, I have been reading other teen's work. So I have a few recommendations for you, if you have an extra minute to kill:
1. Never Stop, by Kirthi
2. Sparrow, by Pandafyre
3. Improvising, by Onjuli D
4. Do You Remember?, by Emily K.
When you go to the site, you will see a search bar to the right. Next to it should be a little sign that says "advanced search" Click on that and put in the information I gave you and search! (You don't need an account to view articles)I would really appreciate it if you would rate both my articles and my favorites. Thank you!
Finally, a little announcement! This is for Kirthi: I need to talk to you about something. Hey, would y'all be interested in a little... shall we say, competition? ;)